PCOS and Your Genes

Learn more about PCOS and your genes...

If you have been struggling with severe symptoms of PCOS such as absent periods, irregular periods, prolonged periods, noticeably light periods, infrequent periods, hair loss, unwanted body hair, acne, weight gain, mood changes, pelvic pain, cysts on ovaries or infertility, this eBook will provide you with dietary and lifestyle support to help improve your symptoms. Regulate your menstrual cycles and improve your fertility. Ultimately helping you to have a healthy baby.

Research shows that genetic influences may explain more than 70% of PCOS cases.


A healthy diet helps you maintain a healthy weight, regulate your insulin  and androgen levels. Improve the severity of PCOS symptoms.

Find out if you have any DNA variations and learn how to support these weaknesses. Improve your PCOS symptoms

 Find out which supplements are exactly right for you and what you need to avoid. Learn what PCOS support is right for you.


Dietary & Lifestyle 


... get the info you need to help yourself

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